Zoom 2.0 HP XLT Inflatable Bounce House Blower

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This commercial-grade Zoom Bounce House Blower is incredibly durable, reliable, and energy-efficient. With a 2 HP, 115V motor and also features reimagined electrical components, motor, air vent, and blower that have been engineered to be even more energy-efficient, consuming up to 15 percent less power while providing 20 percent more air pressure over previous models. Its innovative design with a 6" x 6" air outlet and dual air intake feeds the fan and motor a larger airflow system, which means your inflatable bounce house is going to take less time to inflate and will stay inflated for the duration of the party or festival and withstand a busy summer rental season. These upgrades over previous models mean that you will save on the costs of operation, without sacrificing any air blowing power at all. The durable XLT is constructed with weather-resistant PVC housing that is designed to withstand a 6-foot drop test. It has a 15 gauge, long and lighted 15-foot power cord and built-in carrying handle. These units are even stackable with each other if you have multiple bounce houses set up in the same area.