Zoom W4L 750 Watt Inflatable Bounce House Blower

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Whether you're looking to upgrade or replace the blower for your kids' backyard inflatable, look no further than the W4L 750 Watt Inflatable Bounce House Blower from Zoom Blowers. This small yet powerful little unit has been specifically engineered for usage with non-commercial, nylon inflatable bounce houses and bounce house with slide combo units that are typically sold in big box retail stores. It is also excellent for displaying advertising and promotional inflatables, including arches and mascots.

This blower might be small in size, but it packs commercial-grade quality and durability that leaves other blowers on the market in the dust. The Zoom W4L 750 Watt Inflatable Bounce House Blower features a 750 Watt, 1 HP motor that is capable of putting out up to 1300 CFM of wind power. This powerful motor draws less than 7 amps of electricity, which makes this unit not only energy-efficient but also keeps the cost of operation to a minimum.

The Zoom W4L 750 Watt Inflatable Bounce House Blower has been constructed from plastic molding, with sturdy base legs that have stake holes for securing to the ground (we recommend using our 5/16" x 10" stakes for this purpose). It comes with a built-in carry handle and weighs only 21 pounds, making it remarkably lightweight and easy to transport. It has a waterproof power switch and a 3-prong electrical cord that stretches 8 feet in length.

The blower cute has been molded to an oblong shape that is typically found on smaller air tubes on residential and consumer-grade inflatable bounce houses. The chute and air intake areas have both been fit with covers that allow for smooth airflow but will prevent large debris from entering the blower and damaging the inner components.

ETL Safety Listed

Please Note: While this blower has a 1 HP motor, the airflow has been specifically engineered for small residential inflatables. The 1 HP motor does not equal the air output of a 1 HP blower that is intended for larger, commercial inflatables. Please check with your unit specifications for airflow requirements.