Zoom Pressure Dryer Wall & Cavity Drying System

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This pressurized Zoom Blowers PD-100 Wall & Cavity Drying System makes drying wall cavities a breeze

Perfect for under sinks, behind cabinets and permanent furniture. Its portability makes drying a breeze. The all in one system allows the operation a simple and complete drying process Just bore a hole, plug in the end hose and begin drying. The on-board plug-off system allows for simple plugging of unused tubes

While it may look like a traditional air mover, the PD-100 is actually a self-contained wall cavity drying powerhouse that delivers hot air—up to 205°F —into difficult-to-dry areas, such as under sinks, behind cabinets, and under permanent furniture. After water damage situations that result from storms, flooding,or burst pipes in a home, it will be necessary to dry wall cavities and other small spaces as part of the restoration effort. Trapped moisture within a wall cavity can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, not to mention compromise structural integrity. This is known as secondary damage. Microbial growth will occur on the paper surface of gypsum wallboard if allowed to remain wet for extended periods of time.

In order to achieve the best air pressure for wall drying, Zoom Blowers recommends that the 1/2 x 3/8-inch Vinyl hoses be cut as described below (also see images for reference).

  • Outer Nozzles (left and right): 6 foot lengths
  • Second to Outer Nozzles (left and right): 5 foot lengths
  • Third to Outer Nozzles (left and right): 4 foot lengths
  • Middle Nozzles (center): 3 foot lengths

Increasing the length of each hose will result in a loss of pressure unless pressure is equalized by capping-off one or more hoses to compensate. Hose caps are incorporated into the front of the PH100.